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Joy Loves

Just a former suburb girl and business owner renovating 20 acres of property in North Carolina, and loving every minute.

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We have 40+ animals, 20 acres and full time businesses – see how we juggle it all.

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Share our journey as we renovate our ranch, garden, cook and get inspired by others.

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Welcome to The Ranch, where every day is an invitation to celebrate life with a side of ranch! Nested in the heart of nature, our ranch is more than just a hobby farm; it’s a vibrant community where joy, gratitude, and the rustic charm of ranch life blend seamlessly with the spirit of the seasons.

As the seasons change, so do the activities and celebrations at Joy Ranch. From the festive sparkle of Christmas decorations that make it “begin to look a lot like Christmas” to the warmth of the kitchen during baking season, there’s always something to stir the heart and delight the senses. Whether it’s the taste of chewy Brown Sugar Cookies or the anticipation of holiday breakfasts with Orange Cranberry Turnovers, we embrace the joy of creating and sharing.

But The Ranch is more than festive activities and delicious bakes; it’s a place where gratitude and reflection are part of our daily life. Inspired by the wisdom of Max Lucado, we believe “Gratitude gets us through the hard stuff,” turning our eyes to God’s accomplishments and burning up the mist of anxiety with the morning sun.

At The Ranch, we live the dream with #justahorse, embracing #ranchlife and the simple pleasures that come with it. From #livingthedream on our #hobbyranch to celebrating #christmasontheranch, every moment is an opportunity to find joy in the journey.

Join us as we share snippets of our life, from holiday decorations to our favorite seasonal bakes, and the profound moments of gratitude that define our days. At The Ranch, every day is an adventure filled with “Joy With A Side Of Ranch.”

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